PSA Officers

Find Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association Officers with the below updated directory. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

First Vice President

Sheriff Joseph Groody

    Second Vice President

    Sheriff Bobby Montgomery

      Immediate Past President

      Sheriff Timothy Chamberlain

        Exec Comm

        Sheriff Sean Kilkenny

          Exec Comm

          Sheriff John Zechman

            Exec Comm

            Sheriff James Ott


              Sheriff James Custer


                Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht

                  Executive Director

                  Thomas M. Maioli, Jr

                    Social Media Director

                    Linda Brain Beck

                      Beth A. Appleby


                        Kathleen Bradshaw

                        Administrative Assistant

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                            2426 North 2nd St.
                            Harrisburg, PA 17110
                            T: (717)236-7336
                            T: (717)236-7332